Blik en Speelgoed closes webshop

Tin and Toys will close the webshop in May 2022. I would like to thank all my customers for their purchases over the years. Unfortunately I have to close the webshop because Merkur/Tioka Ikaria (the model train manufacturer Gauge 0) despite all my efforts to make contact since July 2020 has not answered my emails or hardly ever answers my emails and sends me irregular and insufficient articles.

You can simply order the construction kits from Merkur (this part has a new owner).
Until the webshop is closed, you can order the remaining stock or contact me via and +31682004165.
Rob Giskes

PLEASE NOTE on the website of Merkur/Tioka Ikaria (the model train manufacturer track 0) it states that almost all items are in stock. Until now (half January 2022) I have not received a single item from Merkur/Tioka Ikaria!

There is no problem with the Merkur construction sets (this factory has changed hands).

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