ETS tinplate gauge 0 steam locomotives

You are able to purchase from factory the locomotives with a sound module. ETS build their locomotives in different modifications. In the following list you may find the different modification codes. xxx stands for the number of the model after xxx/.... you will find the code and the description of the modification. When you order a mofictaed loco0motive you have to pay an extra charge.

Be aware that the sound modules only work correctly with an ETS transformer.

xxx DC model without sound;

xxx/B  AC model, bogeys, coupler and soundmodule conform in accordance with US standaard, change of direction by stop (3AC-0);

xxx/E DC model, ETS coupler, ETS transformer and sound;

xxx/S DC model with sound;

xxx/T AC model, high flanges, couplers compatibel with the models from the Tinplate area, change of direction by 20V momentum (3AC-1) (Märklin), without sound;

xxx/3 DC model,  3 railsystem, high flanges (2,5mm), no sound;

xxx/3S  DC model, 3 railsystem, high flanges (2,5mm), with sound;

xxx/3AC-0  AC model, 3 railsystem, high flanges (2,5mm), no sound, change of direction by stop;

xxx/3SAC-0 AC model, 3 railsystem, high flanges (2,5mm), with sound, change of direction by stop

xxx/3AC-1 AC model, 3 railsystem, high flanges (2,5mm), change of direction by 20V momentum (3AC-1) (Märklin), no sound.

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