special lay out

We like to introduce you some speciale lay outs. Adn tell you more about the experiences of our beloved costumers.  

The lay out of Bruno Jacob



A christmas train:

Picture by A. Burns

A picture of a part of the tram lay out of Frank den Herder.  In the church is an extraordinary exhibition watched by the small pike ( a tram model of Lehnhardt) from Dresden. 

Blik en Speelgoed likes to show you some special lay outs. Here is a link to a video of restaurant Vyptopna in Prague where the costumers are served by model trains:

http://www.virtualtravel.cz/praha/nove-mesto/restaurace-vytopna-praha/interier.html .  Or to video:

And some old French tinplate model trains.

A nice tinplate gauge 0 layout built by Bruce Moffat in Chicago, USA

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A Lehnhardt streetcar on the Rob Kievit lay out.


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