MERKUR tinplate tubular gauge 0 track

Your trains will run very smooth on the tinplate MERKUR track. You are able to exchange the tinplate tracks with the "old"  tinplate track of Märklin, Hornby, BING,BUB, Paya and Lionel. MERKUR offers you three kind of points, a 625 mm, a 760 mm and a 900 mm. The footplate of the 760 and 900 mm point is to be mounted on the right or the left side of the point.

MERKUR produces tinplate gauge 0 three rail track, including diamond crossings and points, and two rail straitgh and curved track. Just added to the production line are the electric points, served by a servo motor. A switch board is to be delivered too. At this moment you are advised to use the ESU Switch Pilot to conduct your E point.



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