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 Big changes at Merkur. Everything is affected . they also produce erector sets  ..a Meccano clone in Metric ... in addition to model trains in gauge 0. In the summer of 2020 it was decided to split up MERKUR.

The part of MERKUR that produces the erector sets has been taken over by Olymptoys. A Czech wholesaler of toys.

The part of MERKUR that produces the model trains has been taken over by TIOKA IKARIA. The current owners son was already the owner of TIOKA IKARIA and has held a management position within MERKUR for a long time.

Due to these changes, the delivery of articles may take considerably longer than before. The new CEO  informed us that he expects all models to be back in stock by the spring of 2021.

We currently have good stocks of track.

The MERKUR erector sets are also not currently  available, production has to get going again.

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